11 → 13 June 2021

You are invited to the Monument Festival 2021 - an intimate and magical three-day experience with some of our favorite techno artists in the beautiful nature right outside Oslo/Norway. Regardless of your gender, age, sexual preference, geographical location or financial status, we welcome you to the Monument family. Let's smile, hug and dance together in the summer of 2021.

Jane Fitz

Forest Drive


Artboard 22


Artboard 8

Aaron J

Artboard 3

Eyvind Blix (live)

Artboard 9 copy

Dreams (live)

Artboard 9

Monodogue (live)

Artboard 12

Pool b2b VBC

Paula koski

Artboard 13

Korpex b2b
Lara Palmer

Artboard 11


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