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Volunteer and crew information

Signing up as a volunteer now means that you are put in a waitlist. You will hear from us within about two weeks. We are filling up the last spots, so you need to be open for most tasks at this point.

Head to our MNMT Family Facebook Group if you want to chat with the crew and previous volunteers.


Our volunteers are an absolutely essential part of the team creating Monument Festival. By volunteering you get to see the festival from another angle, learn new skills, meet new people, and positively shape the experience of the festival-goers. You also get the following benefits:

  • A free festival ticket.
  • Free shuttle bus to the festival area the day before the festival officially begins.
  • Free shuttle bus back to Oslo after the festival.
  • Free lunch with the crew and volunteers on the day before the festival begins.
  • Access to the volunteer area to hang out and meet other volunteers.
  • One meal per shift.
  • Coffee and tea during shifts.
  • 50% off on one piece of festival merch.
  • A volunteer after-party if you help us restore the festival site to its natural form.

How does it work?

  1. You sign up and select up to five roles/teams you are interested in.
  2. We assign you to one of the teams you selected.
  3. We notify you and put you in contact with your team leader.
  4. At some date to be announced, you will be able to self-assign to shifts within your team.

Once you have been assigned a team, we count on you to create the festival. It is therefore extremely important that you inform your team leader as soon as possible if you for some reason cannot join after having signed up.


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