Help us create the festival of our dreams!

We can not make this festival alone. We need an extended team of dedicated souls that can contribute to making this the best experience for all our techno loving family members. We are truly grateful for all the help that we got at our first edition, and this year we will open up for more people and ways to contribute to the festival as a volunteer.

What we can offer:

  • Work in a dedicated team of like-minded techno lovers from all over the world
  • Free festival entrance, all three days
  • Delicious food per shift

What we expect from you:

  • To participate in an online briefing meeting prior to the festival
  • Have 2 x 6-8 hour shifts, during or after the festival
  • Heaving control over your shifts – showing up at the right time and place
  • Be 100 % sober during your shifts

Apply HERE! We will contact you shortly.

Emilie Hansen, volunteer 2019

“I worked in the bar during the festival and had one day shift and one night shift. But, it didn’t matter if I was working or not – I still felt like I was part of and enjoying the festival together with so many skilled and beautiful people. The best volunteer experience I have ever had!”
Silje Elvegård, volunteer 2019


“I decided to volunteer at the Monument Festival because I love techno music. I felt very welcome from the second I arrived. I was working two shifts and I had almost two whole days to dance and enjoy the music. I met many wonderful people from different countries. People were so open-minded and I felt we became like a big family. Looking forward to volunteer there again!!”
Helena Groven, volunteer 2019


Monument 2019 was by far the most intimate festival I’ve ever done. On day two, you recognize half of the faces. By the end of the festival you know half of them by name, and this is especially true if you volunteer. I came all by myself, but I left with so many new connections! Needless to say, I’ll be back soon!
Bernard Brié, volunteer 2019