All the information you need!

Information will be updated here continuously, and we will notify you about all the news on our Facebook event.


We will have three full days of music, so please plan to arrive at the festival on Friday afternoon and leave the festival area on Monday morning.


We arrange buses that will take you from Oslo Central Station all the way to the festival area and back. We will let you know when the tickets are available. It will also be possible to arrive by public transport if the arranged busses don’t fit your schedule.


Bring your tents. There will be a dedicated camping area a little aside from the festival area. We encourage you to keep this space a bit chill and calm for those who wish to relax and bring the noise and party to the festival ground. Remember to pack your own tents.

We love our nature

We are so thankful that we have the possibility to enjoy our beautiful nature with you, so we will leave the area as we found it – or even better! Leave absolutely no garbage on the ground, not as much as one single cigarette! We will have a clearly marked recycling station, both on the festival and camping area, and more garbage cans abound the areas.


Our certified, highly professional, fantastic to the moon and back yoga teachers will wake you up every morning at the festival from 9 to 10. Everyone, regardless of level or experience, is invited to join us on the grass mat for stretching, breath work, savasana and touch before we move into a new day filled with beautiful music.

Thank you, Hanne Agathe Magnussen Wathne, Jørn André Tangen, Maria Heiberg and Jordan Hope Miller!

We take care of each other

Most importantly: We treat each other like family at Monument Festival. We behave respectfully, help each other when needed, and give hugs when they are wanted.

We definitely do not take things that do not belong to us, jump the queue or harass anyone for any reason.

Food and drinks

The information about our food partners will be launched soon – stay tuned.


We will have an emergency team available at all times. You will find them by the entrance.

Age limit?

Yes, you must be 21 years old to attend the festival.

Got questions?